Team INNOSourcing

In 1998, INNOSourcing GmbH was founded as an independent company. As service centre for the major Swiss procurement network INNOPool, we have offered our expertise in cross-sector procurement management ever since.

Our members benefit from continuous cost and process optimisation through strategic pooling and value the opportunity we offer for exchanging experiences and know-how. Mutual trust and solidarity within the network are particularly important to us.

As a competent partner with many years of experience in the Swiss market, we are available to our clients at all times for all areas of procurement pooling. Our motivated team of specialists and experts  would be happy to advise and help you to develop the right solution for your future procurement strategy.

INNOSourcing is the service centre for the trusted procurement network INNOPool, which includes more than 60 prestigious Swiss corporations.

Hansruedi Blickenstorfer

Owner / Managing Director

Tel. +41 71 969 30 81

Daniel Gründler

Co-Owner / Project Management

Tel. +41 71 969 30 84

Guido Specker

Head of Operations / Project Management

Tel. +41 71 969 30 82

Jürg Dummermuth

Project Management

Tel. +41 71 969 30 83

Simon Blickenstorfer

Project Management

Tel. +41 71 969 30 87

how to find us

INNOSourcing GmbH
Frauenfelderstrasse 7a
8370 Sirnach
Tel  +41 71 969 30 80

N 47° 27' 51.2"
E 08° 59' 54.9"




INNOSourcing GmbH
Frauenfelderstr. 7a
8370 Sirnach