The specialist in the Swiss procurement market

INNOSourcing is specialised in the procurement of indirect materials (products required for maintenance, servicing and operation of machinery, as well as in administrative areas) and services. Our goal is to achieve continuous and sustainable process and cost optimisations for our clients. With more than 100 framework agreements, we are able to cover almost all commodity groups. By outsourcing the procurement of indirect products and services to INNOSourcing, our clients are able to focus on their individual core competencies and reduce their workload considerably. We take care of the cross-company commodity groups in a central and comprehensive way on behalf of our clients. By pooling the overall volumes, our clients can benefit from attractive terms.

Service centre for the INNOPool procurement network

INNOSourcing is the service centre for the trusted procurement network INNOPool, which includes prestigious Swiss corporations.

Other activities

For many years, INNOSourcing has also offered support to a range of public and private institutions as well as universities in the area strategic procurement and in individual, company-specific projects.


Hansruedi Blickenstorfer

Owner / Managing Director

Tel. +41 71 969 30 81



» Cross-company procurement bundling/ pooling of volumes
» Negotiating terms based on the pooled volumes
» Establishing framework agreements (both nationally and internationally) with suppliers
» Contract management (administration and review of the existing framework agreements)
» Collecting and exchanging benchmark data
» Active leadership and moderation of procurement networks
» Organising and conducting workshops and network meetings
» Cross-company exchange of expertise and experiences
» Individual, client-specific project management (solving of company-internal procurement tasks)

How it works

INNOSourcing coordinates cross-company with clients. As such, INNOSourcing serves as a central hub between clients and suppliers. Depending on the commodity group, a single, dual or multiple procurement strategy will be introduced.
As an authorised partner, INNOSourcing represents its clients in matters of project and contract management towards the suppliers. The client remains in charge of operative procurement (flow of information, goods and values).
The requirements for this partnership are trust, solidarity and the willingness to change.


Together – not alone

With the pooling of cross-company volumes, INNOSourcing offers the full potential of a significant key client. This allows the network members to make strategic use of the common interests and the resulting market opportunities in the long term. Based on a long-term partnership, pooled procurement volumes open up new business opportunities for each of the suppliers.

The aim of these kinds of strategic procurement partnerships is to generate sustainable cost reductions as a result of the pooled volumes, to optimise procurement processes and to maintain the level of service quality, both for clients and suppliers. Making sure all partners are speaking the same language.

INNOSourcing manages a targeted exchange of information and experience with its clients and suppliers. As a partner, you can benefit from our broad network and gain access to valuable business contacts in the Swiss procurement market.


We look forward to hearing from you.

»Thanks to the pooled negotiations and monitoring of contracts and framework agreements with service providers and suppliers on our behalf, the INNOSourcing team has managed to generate sustainable cost reductions for the company.«

Dr. Hartmut Haverland
Managing Director
Bucher Unipektin AG

»In addition to the cost reductions we aimed to achieve in many product groups, what I particularly appreciate about the OSIG is the exchange of expertise with fellow procurement specialists from a wide range of sectors.«

Dieter Bracher
Head of Corporate Procurement
Müller Martini Druckverarbeitungs-Systeme AG




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